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Experience Southwest Iowa’s only full time practice facility.

Your safety is our #1 priority.

Designed with the rider’s safety in mind, the jumps are not peaked and the landings are rounded. While safety is a priority, the track layout still offers a wide variety of obstacles and design layouts that will challenge and improve riders of all skill levels.

We offer not one, but two practice tracks.

The MX track is ¾ mile long with doubles, rhythm sections, whoops, rollers, table tops, step ups and a triple. If you buy an annual membership or 4 days per week of open riding for a daily fee. Call for hours.

We are unique to the local MX industry.

We have an indoor restroom/changing facility complete with shower located in the white office trailer at the track. If you are down for a few days we will lock your bike and equipment in our shop. Also, if you need to wrench on your bike, the shop is available so you can get out of the elements.


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The Razor’s Edge MX practice facility has existed since 1997.

  • 1990-1996

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Doug and Barb decided that it would be money and time well spent to build a practice track at their home place; and that is exactly what they did. Over the years following the construction of the original track, other riders from the area and even many miles outside of the area came to practice.

  • 2004

    Building the Business

    A group of local kids rediscovered the track. It seemed that there was a local resurgence of interest in motocross. They started showing up regularly to ride and started bringing a few friends with them. Doug started to again work on the track, making improvements, adding obstacles and trying to make everyone’s experience a positive, fun, and learning one.

  • 2005

    Construction of the SX Track

    Some of the riders at the track were showing a lot of promise and were competing in a motocross series. Talk started of wanting Supercross style jumps and other obstacles. So in order to provide both sides of the sport, Doug and some of the guys (Nathan Gibilisco being the primary one) started construction of a second track designed to emulate the style of the Supercross and Arenacross tracks seen on TV.

  • 2006-Present

    Living the Dream

    With the two tracks constructed, riders at the facility as many as 5 to 6 days a week, and a lot of time and money being spent just keeping the tracks groomed and occasionally watered, Doug and Barb made the decision that there would have to be a fee charged for the use of the practice facilities to help defray the costs. That is where and how Razor’s Edge MX was born.

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The Owners

Doug and Barb Hays

Doug is self employed as a business development, sales and marketing consultant, (that’s what he does to pay the bills), but has always had a love of motocross. He started riding at 8 years of age and racing at 12. This was way back in the early 70’s. Most people who lived in the country and rode or raced at that time had their own private practice tracks usually built in a pasture. All the riders in the area would get together at a particular track for a day of practice, competition, and fun. The years spent participating in the sport and enjoying the company of fellow enthusiasts left a lasting impression on Doug. After having been away from the sport for quite a while during the start up of his business, he got back into racing in the early 90’s. A set of twin girls in 1995 cut that return short. But by late 1996, he was back at it.

Throughout all of the years, the thing that Doug and Barb enjoy most about the facility is the opportunity to see people ages 3 to over 60 enjoying the sport and themselves in a family friendly atmosphere. Every person who comes to practice becomes part of an extended family of friends. Doug takes a lot of ribbing for not being very fast anymore, but hey; he’s 50 plus and still swinging a leg over a dirt bike. Life just doesn’t get much better than that! Doug and Barb look forward to seeing you on the “Edge”.

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Farragut, IA 51639
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