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Track Schedule for Daily Riding Fee

Monday - Wednesday - Friday Saturday OR Sunday


M - SAT. 12:00 Noon till Dark

SUNDAY'S 1:00 P.M. till Dark


As always, Call Before You Haul to make sure we are open and if you are a first time visitor, call and we will give you exact directions to the tracks OR check out our Schedule & News page for written directions.


& Barb Hays
3942 280th Street
Farragut, Iowa 51639

or 712-520-0053
e-mail: doug@razorsedgemx.com


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Learn to ride on the “Edge”!

Built some new things on the SX track. Check out the Schedule and News Page for all the details.



WE ARE OPEN TODAY, 6/16/2012 AND FATHER'S DAY 6/17/2012

See the Schedule and News Page for Details

Experience Southwest Iowa’s only full time practice facility, Razor’s Edge MX. Open for practice 7 days a week with annual membership or 4 days per week of open riding for a daily fee. Razor’s Edge MX offers not one but TWO practice tracks as well as a small Pee-Wee track for the little ones. The MX track is ¾ mile long with doubles, rhythm sections, whoops, a table top, a step up and a triple. Designed with the rider’s safety in mind, the jumps are not peaked and the landings are rounded. While safety is a priority, the track layout still offers a wide variety of obstacles and design layouts that will challenge and improve riders of all skill levels. (The aerial photo of the MX track is out of date. We have made a lot of changes and will try to get a new picture as soon as possible.

The second practice track is a blend of Supercross and Arenacross styles. While much shorter in length than the MX track, the SX track offers a more technical element to your practice time. While much attention is given to safety on the SX track, the obstacles are more tightly packed and the rider’s skill level is challenged to a greater degree.

One of our unique features is our indoor restroom/changing facility complete with shower located in the white office trailer next to the MX track. The other unique thing we offer is our shop located at the track. If you are down for a few days we will lock your bike(s) and equipment in the shop so you don't have to haul it back and forth to a motel. Also, if you need to wrench on your bike, the shop is available so you can get out of the elements.

As with all riding facilities, it is the rider’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the track conditions, design, and obstacles as well as evaluate their own level of capability and limitations in regard to riding on any of the Razor’s Edge MX practice tracks.

MX Track SX Track
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Map of 3942 280th St
Farragut, IA 51639-4033

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Directions to 3942 280th St
Farragut, IA 51639-4033

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For all the details, call the owners,
& Barb Hays at:

712-385-8368 or 712-520-0053
e-mail: doug@razorsedgemx.com

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